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Math Worksheet -- Solving Log Equations

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Students will solve log equations -- there is no factoring required to solve these equations & no extraneous solutions. I would consider this an easier or intro to log equation activity. No crazy answers either, whole numbers with 2 fractions.


Student will need to know about adding, subtracting and/or dividing numbers to get the log by itself. They will also need to know how to convert a log to exponent form. Also when log=log to drop both & solve.


There are no repeat answers on the worksheet. I would let most students use a calculator on this worksheet. All work fits comfortably inside of the box to help with organization.


1 pdf file is included -- the blank worksheet, 1 answer key with just the answer in each box & 1 answer key where I have worked out each problem & circled the answer


All problems are numbered & are colored in based on the problem number.


If you find a problem, have a concern, etc -- Please let me know & i'll fix or explain.