Math Worksheet -- Find the Center of the Circle

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Students will find the center of a center. The first 3 are in the easy format to find the center & then the next 4, students will have to complete the square in order to find the center. On the very last problem, students will have to divided by the CGF first & then complete the square.


I would consider this a beginner worksheet for circle centers. This is meant for student who are just learning to find the center by completing the square. All answers at the bottom of the page for easy reassurance if they are correct or not.


I don't have a place for radius on the worksheet but you could have students include that in the box with the center. All work will fit into the box to help keep work organized.


1 pdf file is included -- the blank worksheet, 1 answer key with just the answer in each box & 1 answer key where I have worked out each problem & circled the answer


All problems are numbered & are colored in based on the problem number.


If you find a problem, have a concern, etc -- Please let me know & i'll fix or explain.