Terms and Conditions

Please read ALL before buying...I tired to keep it short :)

These are ALL digital embroidery files, you will get a zip folder through instant download after you purchase your file. So you need to have a way to unzip the file & move it from your computer to your embroidery machine.

All sales are final!  I cannot issue any returns or refunds.

You may use the files for personal or commerical use; however, please don't share or give anybody else the files.  

I have tested stitched all files out before they get on the webpage.  Unless otherwise noted, it the test stitch out was done on cotton with iron on stablizer.  I will note when I have used heavier stablizer.  I cannot stress how important it is to pick the correct stablizer. Anything with a high stitch count will need more support.  Please do a test stitch out before putting the designs on anything expensive! Any design that has a high number of stitches and/or outlines needs to be done on the proper combo of stabilizer & material. For example, if you a going to put a big design on a light weigh knit top, it needs to have heavy cut away stabilizer under it!

Please look at all stitches/details before buying because your design will look just like the picture. I can't always make changes in stitching, so ask before buying!

Unless other wise noted, no felties have an additional running stitch around them to put a backing on them.

As of now, I do not do any appliqués....maybe in the future!

I cannot be responsible for the outcomes of designs if you re-size them or edit them in anyway.

I am open to suggestions & custom order just be aware I work full time as well & stitching all designs; sadly there is only so many hours in the day!!

You may use the desings you buy for personal or commerical use, but please don't share or give the files to anybody else!!