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Who Are You?

Good question! I am a Math Tutor by day & Embroidery Design maker by night. I started out with a very old brother, who I bought on a whim off of ebay, thank gosh it actually worked! It sat in the corner for several years & when I finally got it back out, I was amazed by all of the designs that were avaiable online.  Then in the middle of the night, I thought, I can do this!! So on another whim, I started making designs, & really enjoy it. I love to see it come from my screen to fabric.  I am always learning & trying to find the best way to things pratically, yet cool! 

So How does this work?

I sell Digital Embroidery Design, which lets you stitch out any of the designs on your own Embroidery Machine.  After you buy a design, let paypal send you back to the webpage (If you don't let paypal direct you back to the webpage, it doesn't know you've paid--I will fix it as soon as I can!) After you pay you will be able to download your designs in a zip folder. If you get distracted a long the way, you can log back into your account & download the designs from there. You will also get an e-mail with download links. 

How do I get designs on to my embroidery machine? 

No clue! All machines are different & while I wish I knew it all, I don't! It's your job to be able to unzip the folders & get the design from your computer to your embroidery machine.  All machines are different & there is no way for me to know how to work every laptop & every embroidery machine! 

Why Can I only pay with Paypal? Can't I just pay with a Credit Card? 

Because taking Credit Cards is expensive! All of the services are avaible for a monthly fee & I just don't make enough to pay it. If you really have your heart set on paying with credit card, e-mail me & I will set up a listing on the Etsy Store & you can pay through a credit card that way! 

Why do I have to make an account to check out?

Because I get a lot less complaints about not getting orders downloaded that way! This way you can go back and download designs from your account even after you original purchase. 

I've click the link & clicked on the link & clicked on the link & it doesn't work anymore, what happened?

You can download products up to 3 times after that time the link is blocked. If you have any trouble, let me know & I can e-mail you the zip folder. 

Can you change this stitch to a satin stitch? Can you get rid of this part of the design? Can you add this to a Design?

The short answer is no, so make sure you like the design as is before you buy it!! To make what seems like small changes can require lots of work, so it's hard to make changes after you have already bought a design. 

I like your in the hoop stuff but I am scared to try it, any advice?

Yes! Don't be scared!! I also have made a YouTube Channel with how to make many of the in the hoop items on the webpage. You can go check out our YouTube Channel by click HERE.  I also have links to videos all over the webpage! 

Do you use test stitchers?

Nope, I stitch out all of the designs on the webpage, at least once, some get stitched out several times!! I am to much of a control freak to let other people stitch for me, I am always worried they would let things go that I wouldn't. 

Why don't you e-mail me back right away?

I work & have to sleep as well! I promise to e-mail back as soon as I can, but it might take me several hours.  Also I am not always near my laptop that has all of my designs on it, so it might take me a little while to get them to you. But I promise I will get them to you as soon as I can.  I can also promise you, I will never answer e-mails, early in the morning, I am generally a night owl & are not awake first thing in the morning!! 

Why is the outline not lining up around the outside of my design? Did you make this design correctly?

Stablizer Stablizer Stablizer!! Filled designs require more stablizer to look correct.  Generally what has happened is the fabric has moved around from the first set of stitches that are in the middle of the design, so when it goes around the outside of the design, the fabric has moved in enough to cause the design not to line up.  Also remember most meduim weight stablizers can support 8,000 to 10,000 stitches--so plan accordingly with a design that has 20,000 stitches in it! 

Also for what it's worth, I generally like filled designs that are stitched out on my very old & very Sllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww brother! The painfully so stitching seems to make the designs with heavy outlining look better--so slow down the machine for outlining isn't a bad a idea!

Do you know everything there is to know about embroidery?

Heck no!  All of my advice in the YouTube Videos is just that my advice! It's how I like to do things, to get the results that I like. I like spray basting spray & always hooping things--you may not, that's okay.  I am just passing along how I like to do things, the best way on my machines, or how I have made the in the hoop things.  That also applies to the know it all lady in the Facebook group, that thinks things can only be done her way :)  

Forgive me, I am wonderful at Math but I can't spell to save my soul!!!  

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